Inconvenience [noun]

Definition of Inconvenience:

bother, trouble

Opposite/Antonyms of Inconvenience:

Sentence/Example of Inconvenience:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, China has been willing to take draconian measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus, even at enormous inconvenience to its population.

It might be an inconvenience for a few days of the year, but not enough to pull up stakes and leave.

Think about what would make your at-home grooming experience feel like a trip to the salon, or dig deep and go for the bonus features that will significantly decrease any trimmer inconveniences you’re always up against.

They should not be viewed as instruments to solve minor inconveniences.

The final inconvenience you’ll face is that you can’t share custom audiences generated through Google Analytics across other ad platforms.

Soils which do not admit of this taking place are the cause of much inconvenience and injury in practice.

We were naturally enough much chagrined, not knowing how much inconvenience and delay this incident might cause.

The inconvenience I experienced from the chain upon my legs, which prevented me from sleeping, destroyed my health.

"And that's just another inconvenience in the business," replied Welborn in a cautious manner.

To avoid any inconvenience or precipitancy, the plan would not come into operation until the 1st of January, 1846.