Incorporates [verb]

Definition of Incorporates:

include, combine

Synonyms of Incorporates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incorporates:

Sentence/Example of Incorporates:

This incorporates air into the mixture and consequently makes it light and increases its volume.

The church incorporates fragments of an ancient building, and the rectory has been occupied by more than one clergyman of mark.

Habit incorporates, enacts or overrides objects, but it doesn't know them.

The faith which one man has in another incorporates the two in one.

It incorporates portions of almost all dates, from the Norman Conquest to the present day.

The Parroquia, or cathedral of Santa F, stands upon the site of, and partially incorporates the early building of 1627.

Arnold makes almost no 74 reference to the work of Heyne, and incorporates none of his emendations.

The Gothic parish church (c. 1400) incorporates remains of a cathedral of vast dimensions.

It-36- incorporates in one system all of the essential features of advanced assemblers, compilers, and loaders.

A purist may find fault with the mixture of styles this tower incorporates.