Incorporating [verb]

Definition of Incorporating:

include, combine

Synonyms of Incorporating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incorporating:

Sentence/Example of Incorporating:

The business of incorporating was attended to by a political leader in the State Assembly.

The Tammany influence was stronger than the Republican, and the women who had led in the incorporating of the club withdrew.

This amendment was lost, but the bill passed with another, incorporating the anti-slavery clause of the ordinance of 1787.

An act of the Legislature was passed incorporating the navigation company, with Judge Clemens as its president.

To this end he had conquered Wales, and taken the first steps towards incorporating it with England.

Pemmican is formed by pouring one-third part of melted fat over the pounded meat, and incorporating them well together.

The very fact that the latter were national religions precluded them, to a certain extent, from incorporating alien ideas.

Austria was thinking chiefly of Italy, and of becoming a naval power by incorporating that Peninsula into her empire.

In Germany this extension is effected by incorporating in the general portion of chap.

The incorporating act neither gives nor prevents this control.