Incorruptible [adjective]

Definition of Incorruptible:

honest, honorable

Synonyms of Incorruptible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incorruptible:

Sentence/Example of Incorruptible:

This is an honest town, an incorruptible town, and I know I can trust it without fear.

She desired nothing further than her present surrender to the incorruptible, inassailable passion of service.

As it was, he owned that her incorruptible simplicity preserved her, even at her worst, from being really dreadful.

Marriage had not abridged his immeasurable remoteness, nor touched his incorruptible refinement.

The Egyptian sought in vain to make the mortal body incorruptible by embalming it.

But as to the true everlasting and incorruptible honour and eternity of God, no man thinks or looks after these things.

Do they qualify us for, and by qualifying assure us of, the incorruptible kingdom?

That he was fearless, merciless, and incorruptible, without doubt had a salutary influence on that legislative session.

Through the grace of the Gospel they anticipate "an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away."

We strive for a corruptible crown, thinking that this, after all, is the surest discipline for the crown that is incorruptible.