Increases [noun]

Definition of Increases:

addition, growth

Opposite/Antonyms of Increases:

Sentence/Example of Increases:

In short, on my arrival I was at once much disappointed, and this disappointment rather increases than otherwise.

It is true that up to a certain point shortening the hours of labor actually increases the total product.

To suddenly discover oneself proficient where failure had been feared increases self esteem and adds to the sum of happiness.

It increases the general Impressionability, so that all First Impressions must be more vivid than they have ever been before.

The cost of this conversion naturally increases the longer action is deferred, and in any case would be very great.

As population increases the use of streams becomes greater, and questions concerning their use more difficult.

Instead of this, chemistry, every year, reveals new substances and increases our knowledge of nature's variety.

The diminished proportions of the less to the greater number also increases the proportion of glory.

Situated in the midst of a great improving country, their business extends, and increases in importance every year.

The taste for fancy work increases daily, and can be made not only ornamental, but useful.