Increasingly [adverb]

Definition of Increasingly:

to a greater extent

Synonyms of Increasingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Increasingly:


Sentence/Example of Increasingly:

There is a new and increasing level of acrimony, specifically directed at administrators.

As a center for tourists, Inverness is increasingly popular and motor cars are very common.

He had grown weary of an easy-going life, and the desire to start afresh made itself increasingly felt.

This rule has been revived in America, and appears to be increasingly relied on in bridge-designing.

In spite of the superb sincerity of his indifference, he found it increasingly difficult to ignore his wife.

The towns grew increasingly jealous of extending their privileges, as these became valuable.

I found my attitudes of restrained and delicate affection for Margaret increasingly difficult to sustain.

I hope our relations will be increasingly friendly; but if you want to quit at any time you're not tied.

He had grown increasingly resentful of Thatcher's tone and manner, and was anxious to be rid of him.

But the public interest in style was increasingly comparable to that in athletic agility.