Incredible [adjective]

Definition of Incredible:

beyond belief

Opposite/Antonyms of Incredible:

Sentence/Example of Incredible:

Email is such an incredible tool because it allows you to have a direct relationship with readers and own the relationship with your readers.

Someone kidded after Michelle Obama’s brilliant speech to the Democratic National Convention where she again defended “going high when they go low,” suggesting the incredible commercials of the Lincoln Project “go low so Michelle can still go high.”

As someone who grew up reading the Vanity Fair obsessed with royals and socialites, it’s an incredible breath of fresh air.

As incredible as it all sounds, two of these schemes have started to come to fruition.

The start of international expansion is an incredible milestone for any business, and gearing up to take your venture around the world will be one of the most exciting moments of your career.

An incredible two-thirds of this group think that they’re at least fairly likely to lose their job and face financial difficulties as a result of the lockdown.

You have both the redwood forest, with trees older than any human alive, and the incredible ocean.

This endowed the weapon with incredible penetrating power that could go through enemy shields and even injure the shield-bearer.

That’s an incredible outcome that occurred after many, many years of working in that direction.

So if you have a group going to battle with incredible passion around ideas — that is a fantastic meeting.