Incredulous [adjective]

Definition of Incredulous:


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Sentence/Example of Incredulous:

As they walked along, he listened with trembling, half-incredulous hope to Jos's interpretation of Aunt Ri's voluble narrative.

Of the astonishment of her parents and Dorothy's wild, almost incredulous delight, there is no need to tell.

On hearing this most unexpected sound, Mr. Bumble looked first incredulous, and afterwards, amazed.

We told him we should probably want it at 7:30, and he looked at us in an incredulous manner.

I had expected to find quantities of charred black paper, with possibly some fragments of binding, and was quite incredulous.

Lillyston was incredulous; he insisted that there must be some mistake, until he actually saw the list with his own eyes.

If I am incredulous, is it possible for me to banish from my mind the reasons which have unsettled my faith?

The incredulous man reasons, consults experience, and prefers it to prejudice.

Are not the motives of the incredulous man strong enough to counterbalance his passions?

The religious partisans generally designate the incredulous as libertines.