Incredulousness [noun]

Definition of Incredulousness:


Synonyms of Incredulousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incredulousness:


Sentence/Example of Incredulousness:

I asked, incredulous that he was taking his shoes off to go into the library.

Greeted by a human-like android host, he asks her, incredulous, whether she is real.

Wherever she moved Bill's eyes followed her with a gleam of joy, tinctured with smiling incredulousness.

He hoped she would laugh it away, but she only looked at him, her lips parted, a hint of incredulousness in her eyes.

But she was there, looking at him as she had when he told her she was beautiful, the same hint of incredulousness in her eyes.

Incredulousness was written on the quiet face that looked up at him from the armchair.

Then he had hurriedly scrawled the check, which she took in spite of her incredulousness of its worth.

Bork was staring at him in hilarious incredulousness that broke into roars of laughter.

She tried to meet the drawn misery and incredulousness of his face with a laugh of reassurance.

Mrs. Lloyd laid her hand upon her husband's forehead; she felt a slight incredulousness of death, because it was still warm.