Incremental [adjective]

Definition of Incremental:

increasing by additions

Synonyms of Incremental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incremental:


Sentence/Example of Incremental:

It takes work, but it will pay off over time as the incremental conversion rate increases impact top-line revenue.

There have been changes — virtual fans in stands, remotely produced interviews, a new acceptance of flexibility in TV advertising — but they seem to be more incremental than absolute, based on recent conversations with industry executives.

Database scientists Benoit Dageville and Thierry Cruanes had each toiled at Oracle for more than a decade, helping the software giant eek out incremental improvements in its applications.

Shoppable ads enable advertisers to place more focus on incremental reach and less focus on frequency.

With the introduction of RSAs, Google began encouraging advertisers to move away from “overly fixating” on click-through and conversion rates and instead focus on the incremental lift in clicks and conversions from RSAs.

Time will tell whether that revenue is incremental or at the expense of something else.

Across every campaign, it’s led to incremental revenue driven by further distribution, print execution or further existing on our digital platforms.

As such, it views this revenue stream as incremental to the existing branded content offering.

So has the maturation of the streaming ad market as platforms like Roku and YouTube step up their game against traditional TV by, for example, offering incremental reach guarantees and cordoning off their most prized inventory.

Those apps have become really powerful with these small incremental updates.