Incubate [verb]

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TikTok is “a perfect platform to fail fast and learn quickly, because the appetite for the content is not as rigid or prescribed as some of the other platforms we have spent time incubating,” she noted.

The monitors appear to lay their eggs over a few weeks and leave, letting them incubate over the eight-month dry season, Doody says.

Fabulous was incubated at Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight, which is led by Professor Dan Ariely.

The researchers then collected and incubated microbes from both locations in a refrigerator and provided them with hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

I asked David whether I could use his class to incubate my cubesat idea.

As well as being incubated by Binance Labs, Injective Protocol is also backed with $3 million in funding from noted blockchain investors Pantera, Hashed and others.

The existing 14-day recommendation reflects the ability of the virus to incubate for a long period before symptoms appear.

Consider a possible scenario in which the virus takes seven days to incubate.

At launch, Future Forum will exist as a startup incubated at Slack.

In doing so you’ll set in motion new evolutionary experiments in new incubating environments.