Inculcated [verb]

Definition of Inculcated:

implant, infuse information

Synonyms of Inculcated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inculcated:

Sentence/Example of Inculcated:

Enjoining therefore the duty of Covenanting, they inculcate that as an imitation of Him—swearing by himself.

If they inculcate virtue, it is that theological virtue whose inutility we have sufficiently shown.

There are, however, a few passages which inculcate upon men the propriety of a command over their temper.

Not until the renaissance did critics define poetry as an art of imitation endeavoring to inculcate morality.

We have seen that these words inculcate the exercise of Covenanting.

The song has the purpose to inculcate emulation of bravery and also of generosity and unselfishness of spirit.

May not required courses be added to the college curriculum to inculcate business power and sense in all women?

They deal with the acts of their worthies and inculcate religious truths.

Sarchedon felt the hand of Ishtar press his shoulder as though to inculcate silence and caution.

Each of the twelve drawings has a six-lined stanza to drive home the picture and inculcate a maxim of sound and refined behaviour.