Incumbent [adjective]

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A couple of years ago, Aurora's plan was to supply self-driving software and sensors to automaking incumbents.

“It’s incumbent on the Justice Department, if it wants to restore that confidence, to act quickly” to hold the most violent Capitol rioters accountable, he added.

In 2020, Republicans lost the majority but held their open seats, instead losing several incumbents.

“Given the reports and the seriousness that some of those reports brought to bear, I believe that it's incumbent upon us in the Legislature to review our taxing methods for harvested timber,” Witt said.

The United States, an important military ally, is said to be considering censuring the supposed victor, incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, over allegations of violence and election fraud.

Most of the new ERPs are just doing the same as the incumbents but in the cloud.

Krishnamoorthi also enjoys the benefits of being a two-term incumbent with an established base of support, while newcomer Kulkarni had to build up a coalition to win his race.

The partnership is also striking because Beyond and Impossible are increasingly cross-pressured by incumbent food companies.

Going into the 2020 Senate race cycle, many national Democrats thought they’d have more luck beating Republican incumbents in states like Maine, North Carolina, or even Montana — all of which they lost.

Given that the GOP still controls much more of the redistricting process ahead and that midterms are usually bad for an incumbent president’s party, McCarthy’s path to the speakership is again evident.