Incur [verb]

Definition of Incur:

bring upon oneself

Synonyms of Incur:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incur:

Sentence/Example of Incur:

Typically, an account holder has just 60 days from the date of the refund to return the money to the 529 account without incurring taxes and the 10 percent penalty on earnings.

She preferred to die herself rather than to incur the possibility of exposing those who loved her to the guillotine.

Yet it is awkward for these officials to thus act, and in so doing they incur an unpleasant personal responsibility.

The stage has continued to enjoy a species of traditional immunity from all the reprobation which swearing is presumed to incur.

He was generally a man of prompt decision, and he well knew that he would incur by this act the charge of vacillation.

I judged the Tories were driving straight at a conflict with the country, and I thought them bound to incur an electoral defeat.

It's surprising that he would incur her wrath himself; she's always been mighty decent to Ed and kind to his boy.

What man of sense, then, would deliberately choose to incur the risk which is now before you.

I did not even incur any danger; it was Cutter who risked his life.

If, therefore, two children of eleven engage in mutual misconduct, they incur no liability to legal punishment.