Incurious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incurious:

Sara Lee sewed more than one rent for him, those days, but she was strangely incurious.

The boys left the room in silence, with the incurious obedience of well-trained children.

She was a strange vessel, sailing in from beyond their ken, and her pilot was almost as novel, yet they were incurious.

Incurious and self-centered, the affairs of the outer world had for her but little real interest.

Now, there never was another place habitually so incurious as Thursday Island in its social dealings.

She soon appeared—cold, passive, incurious, yet beneath this I could see the confined struggle of passion.

He got up and quietly strolled about the room, examining the bookcases with incurious interest.

Though they rode close by, yet they showed no sign, passing silent and incurious.

Who is there so incurious that he would not give an evening to Borneo?

All these things speak nothing to a boy who is careless and incurious.