Incurred [verb]

Definition of Incurred:

bring upon oneself

Synonyms of Incurred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incurred:

Sentence/Example of Incurred:

Others have warned that novice users can easily get in over their head—a point driven home in June when a 20-year-old trader took his life after mistakenly believing he had incurred $700,000 in debt while trading complicated options contracts.

The law specifically states that the expenses incurred in the support of persons charged with or convicted of a crime and committed to the county jail and the maintenance therein are county charges.

Bannon’s page also incurred penalties, including not being allowed to post content, but was not removed from Facebook.

Astra is incurring a bill in excess of $1 billion globally for expenses including clinical development, Soriot said.

Each time PageRank transfers from page to page, it incurs a 15% loss, including across redirects.

Financially stressed workers miss more work and incur higher healthcare costs than their peers.

In San Francisco, as in most cities, the huge drop in revenues because of the shutdown, coupled with the costs incurred to fight the pandemic, have left their finances in bad shape.

Many go unbanked because they don’t have enough money to open a bank account or continue incurring overdraft fees.

The model was expensive, and Palantir incurred heavy losses for most of its history.

As late as 1961, the court upheld a Florida law that for all practical purposes kept women from serving on juries because they were “the center of the home and family life” and therefore need not incur the burden of jury service.