Incurring [verb]

Definition of Incurring:

bring upon oneself

Synonyms of Incurring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incurring:

Sentence/Example of Incurring:

Of course, as with a smartphone, using the cellular network can incur additional charges or limit memory storage depending on your specific data plan.

Some have launched crowdfunding petitions to help with medical bills incurred as patients themselves.

He tries to signal his wealth, generosity, and public concern by publicly incurring a substantial cost via donation to an important cause, like protecting the environment.

A bank customer who exceeds their balance in the morning and replenishes the account by sundown might still incur an overdrawn account fee.

Accessing treatment incurred costs that were astronomical relative to their incomes, so, around Gunung Palung, medical emergencies brought out the chainsaws.

The company has also incurred a barrage of customer complaints and fines from regulators, and bungled major product rollouts.

Lower-income customers pay higher interest rates and incur more fees, too, which subsidize the perks and rewards that “prime” customers—those banks deem the most creditworthy—get.

I hope in this way to avoid incurring odium theologicum of any kind.

"Now, I am quite aware that we are incurring some responsibility, so you need not waste your breath," he said.

Was the reason of Adam corrupted even beforehand by incurring the wrath of his God?