Incursions [noun]

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The incursion became the latest — and, it appears, by far the worst — in a string of hacks targeting the software supply chain.

The violent, deadly incursion into the Capitol last week produced a shocking stream of images, and among them was the bizarre sight of some people wearing spacesuit-like transparent pieces of gear over their heads.

ASRI, says Planetary Health Alliance head Myers, “is a fantastic example of how to prevent the incursions into wildlife habitat that are at the heart of a lot of emerging infectious disease.”

"I never heard of anything of the kind in Ormond's history," said Wanhope, tolerant of the incursion.

Hence the incursion of a new weed is generally first noticed along the highway or the railroad.

It was the Radical quarter that was thus invaded, and its occupants were not disposed tamely to submit to the incursion.

Less brilliant, but more solid, were the advantages which he had to expect from an incursion into the territories of the League.

So Lætitia had her choice between an explicit statement of her meaning, and an unsupported incursion into the adagio.

Finally, on the eastern marches hovered the shadow of the late incursion, an incursion which might at any moment be repeated.

One poem narrates the circumstances of an English incursion in 1596, during which the town of Faro was stormed and sacked.