Incurved [adjective]

Definition of Incurved:

curved, depressed

Synonyms of Incurved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incurved:

Sentence/Example of Incurved:

In Lethrus F. in the female, but not the male, the mandible is armed below with a long incurved horn.

The accompanying series of photographs show the making of an incurved bloom's toilet from first to last.

Elytra in general subcircular but with margin of ectocephalic side flattened or in part a little incurved.

Prostomium shortly subcordate, well rounded in front, incurved caudally.

They are obtuse or somewhat acute, and have the edges crenate, or more or less distinctly serrate with sharp incurved teeth.

This genus is easily recognized by the ends of the filaments, which are forked and incurved, resembling minute pincers or claws.

They have rather short, exceedingly strong legs and long incurved talons with which they tear their prey.

But oddest of all is the crown of five-hooded nectaries above the corolla, each nectary enclosing an incurved horn.

Blake–crouched on one knee, tense and alert–waited until the sinister wave was advancing into the point of the incurved jungle.

The incurved Chinese kinds are severely neat-looking flowers in many shades of colour.