Indebted [adjective]

Definition of Indebted:

under an obligation

Synonyms of Indebted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indebted:

Sentence/Example of Indebted:

Still, the comprehensive debt numbers provide a useful measure of America’s rise in the ranks of most heavily indebted nations.

This week, government ministers of poor and indebted nations will appeal to their creditors for a much more ambitious debt relief effort as they grapple with the health care and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

AT&T became the most indebted nonfinancial company in America.

He was already deeply indebted to his wife; not one of his three partners had proved to be such as he expected and required.

He conspired against Richelieu, to whom he was indebted for much of his good fortune, and to whose resentment he fell a victim.

You are very kind, sir,” he said; “my companions and I shall feel deeply indebted to you for this opportune assistance.

Singularly courteous and obliging on all occasions, I, personally, have been much indebted to him for help and advice.

The public are indebted to him for the invention of the high-pressure steam-engine and the first railway steam-carriage.

The Girondists knew to whom they were indebted for many of the most skillful parries and retaliatory blows.

It is to him that we are indebted for all knowledge of the sublime scenes enacted at the last supper of the Girondists.