Indecisively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Indecisively:

But it is the fate of these indecisively descriptive phrases to be misunderstood.

There was a surge forward, a quivering, toppling mass that finally fell indecisively.

Her delicate fingers moved indecisively from the one brand to the other.

It was while he paused there indecisively that a sight met his eye which spurred hesitancy to immediate action.

They stood about indecisively, and stared up into the vaulted roof, and whispered to one another in funereally regulated tones.

But his nerve was obviously shaken by his competitor's undoubtedly fine performance, and he craked indecisively.

The inspector frowned over the registration form, biting indecisively at his lower lip.

When both were finished, he dallied indecisively, Weill's words echoing through his mind and raising doubts.

The battle raged indecisively for a long time, when suddenly a bright flame issued from the gate.

Extry's hand travelled round for his sheath-knife, and yet it moved indecisively, as though half afraid.