Indefeasible [adjective]

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Enough on this small Wyndham matter; which is nearly altogether English, but in which Friedrich too has his indefeasible property.

This name He has not obtained by favour nor attained by effort, but inherited by indefeasible right.

No man could do an article on the people's indefeasible rights with more pronounced vigour than Mr. Slide.

If the right to land be indefeasible, could the Government run a road through it?

It is indefeasible and perpetual,—not to be sold, not to be bought.

And thus piety and justice shall be as indefeasible as happiness.

Prior discovery confers an indefeasible title to occupy as against any other colonizing power.

They are under an absolute, hereditary, and indefeasible dependence on those who labour and are miscalled the poor.

I did not say "maintain it, because the body known as the Irish Church has an indefeasible title to its property."

In reality, we are members of a great many 'social organisms,' each of which has indefeasible claims upon us.