Indefensible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Indefensible:

There is nothing like a plaintive retort when your case is utterly indefensible.

Would not silence be construed by the world as meaning that the cause dear to the heart of God's people is indefensible?

They are not much worse than the Strephon and the Chloe class, in which our ancestors delighted; still, they are indefensible.

The nobles had resort to a still more indefensible measure than the expulsion of their métayers.

To go below this point of particular cost would obviously be indefensible from every point of view.

Next day we halted while the walls were being destroyed and the place rendered indefensible.

But to come thither for this express object, and employ force to accomplish it, was an indefensible assumption of authority.

In these pages we shall again and again meet this personal revolt against the indefensible consequences of system.

But your uncle is a man to fight the indefensible; and it would be likely your identity that he would call in question.

Indefensible variations in the per capita cost of practically the same service discloses another mode of waste.