Indefinable [adjective]

Definition of Indefinable:


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Sentence/Example of Indefinable:

And now there was added to this devotion an element of indefinable anxiety which made its vigilance unceasing.

But the impression was so fleeting as to be indefinable, and soon I was busy getting everyone settled in the car.

In my dreams again and again an indefinable shadow mockingly comes and cries to me, he is not to be yours, he is to be mine.

There was in it the indefinable hardening and ageing which seemed to Boyson to have affected the whole personality.

The features, he tells us, were distinguished neither by regularity nor classical beauty, but had an indefinable charm.

And sometimes, too, the dreadful odor of the decomposed body came toward us and penetrated us, sickening and indefinable.

And the indefinable tone of her voice when she called Delfina.

Her heart was so full that it lent an indefinable sadness to her words.

There was an indefinable expression in the gesture, which Andrea could not understand.

She has had little musical training, yet her playing and singing have always had the indefinable musical quality.