Indefiniteness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Indefiniteness:

That hospital commitment is indefinite, ending only if a person successfully demonstrates to a court that they’ve engaged in treatment and are no longer a danger to the public.

That March, two months after Spears canceled her Las Vegas Domination residency and announced an “indefinite work hiatus,” Wallet abruptly resigned from his position as co-conservator alongside Spears’ father.

A constant source of misunderstanding and mistake is indefiniteness of meaning.

The seeming indefiniteness of the term, bills for raising revenue, may alone furnish apology for the present debate.

Indefiniteness may come from the use of certain words that from their very nature are indefinite in meaning.

The rigid outlines of history fade in it to the indefiniteness of fable, and fact becomes as flexible as fancy.

The very indefiniteness of the descriptions gives them an added charm and affords full scope for romancing.

Then he screwed the eyeglass in again very tight, looked at us all with amiable indefiniteness, took off his hat, and departed.

When any of the four limits of indefiniteness is infinite the oscillation is infinite in the sense explained in 7.

To this end he made use of an Oriental saying which meant indefiniteness, rather than a fixed rule.