Indemnified [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Indemnified:

In Europe, various governments have indemnified the companies against any legal costs.

So Congress passed a law indemnifying drug companies and health care providers from vaccine-related liabilities.

By stubborn effort and the most rigid economy, Birotteau was able to indemnify his creditors completely, three years later .

If you can induce them to take a step to the right hand, they generally indemnify themselves by cutting a caper to the left.

The cabinet felt assured that parliament would indemnify and England approve.

It was, moreover, necessary that the happiness of domestic life should indemnify me for the splendid career I had just renounced.

It was necessary to indemnify those who had cleared uncultivated grounds or made improvements.

If I may indemnify thee, say fully to the king: was it one being only, that saved the prince's ships, or went many together?

It will be for Germany to indemnify the proprietors or parties concerned, whoever they may be.

He at once proposed to emancipate the peasantry, and to indemnify the landlords from the land.