Indented [adjective]

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New France has an exceedingly varied sea-coast, indented by bays and rivers, broken and irregular.

It is sometimes indented, with its convex side in contact with the periphery of the cell.

For example, all stage directions were indented the same amount from the left margin and coded as hanging paragraphs.

Of the two broader sides one was concave, the other convex; while of the narrower sides one was flat and the other indented.

The coast is very much indented, especially along the English Channel, and is rocky and lined with reefs and islets.

The crest of the mountain was indented irregularly by rounded gaps or passes, like pie-crust carelessly forked.

A strapping fellow like myself, not so bad-looking, oft hath his uses not indented in the bond to his overlord.

Continue rolling it for five minutes or more, so that the canvas lines become indented in the paper and are distinctly visible.

The seaward margin is deeply indented, and the islets off shore tell of a continuation of the rugged, rocky surface below the sea.

The coast-line is not deeply indented, but includes one large bay, the Gulf of Rosas.