Independently [adverb]

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That same month, Group Nine Media, which itself is a conglomeration of once-independent digital media brands, bought the entertainment site PopSugar.

It's also served as a moment of transition for high-profile journalists to leave newsrooms to launch their own, independent brands.

There is a lot of media consolidation going on right now, which independent media consultant Brad Adgate said could put Quartz at the disadvantage of not having the resources a larger media company on which to lean as it revamps.

Though he is a very intelligent and independent person, I think they are rubbing off on him in certain ways.

The university placed Philbert on leave and launched the independent investigation.

He felt, in that moment, there was no reality sitting “out there,” independent of his sensations, and likewise that there was no self sitting “in here,” independent of its sensations.

The future for purely creative agencies is still strong, but I have a feeling it will live more in the independent world.

Indeed, nine independent pharmacies told KHN that when they can get opioids they are more expensive now.

Still, Democrats are hopeful that the independent commission will draw fairer lines, and then they’ll have a new map for state and congressional districts in time for 2022 elections.

Gig economy companies like Lyft and Uber got a huge win in California last week, when voters approved a measure that will let them continue to classify many of their workers as independent contractors instead of employees.