Independents [noun]

Definition of Independents:

person who does not obey

Opposite/Antonyms of Independents:

Sentence/Example of Independents:

I have made a point in our little local affairs of not fighting independents when they break with us for any reason.

He always speaks of the extreme Independents and Presbyterians as enthusiasts.

In some instances, the Independents unite with other denominations in supplying the villages in their vicinity.

We've hammered the telephone company pretty hard on its purchase of the independents.

These men were called “gentlemen independents of Hanover,” and they were manly looking, resolute men, and well armed.

There may be no God to avenge the South, but there is a devil to punish independents.

Independents and Presbyterians were manuvring for the control.

It was the succeeding cheer that aroused the independents finally.

We are the new Independents, sir, the Independents of the spirit.

Hidalgo again assembled an army, and went to Guadalajara, where the Independents had already declared themselves.