Indescribable [adjective]

Definition of Indescribable:

beyond words

Synonyms of Indescribable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indescribable:

Sentence/Example of Indescribable:

He threw into the last two words an indescribable sound of half-laughing contempt.

About thirty persons were killed, many more were wounded: and the whole city was filled with an indescribable consternation.

At the end of the opera the Emperors portrait was brought on the stage, and an indescribable tumult followed.

An indescribable feeling of tender affection has always drawn me to this child, to Marie's Marguerite.

His delight at finding himself the sole master of his little flat of three rooms was indescribable.

An Italian, an indescribable fool, has tacked himself on to me, and I hardly know how to get rid of him.

His intensely black eyes, blacker even than the eyes of Coronado, had a stare of absolutely indescribable ferocity.

An indescribable fright took possession of us, and we both cried 'help' as loud as we could.

When you really feel interested about any one, it is indescribable what mere trifles are capable of conferring pleasure.

To their cries was added the bellowing of the hurricane confined in the cave, and the tumult was indescribable.