Indescribably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Indescribably:

I went into the dugout indescribably slack; hardly energy to struggle against the heat and the myriads of flies.

The young green of weeping willows and pepper-trees looked indescribably delicate against the hard blue sky.

As the busy autumn days came upon us, Twin Fires took on a new aspect, and one to us greenhorns indescribably thrilling.

The green plumage of the birds against the brilliant scarlet of the tree was indescribably beautiful.

He looked indescribably comical, and was so much worried that after a few minutes the drops of perspiration ran off his forehead.

There was something pathetic in her very figure—something indescribably so in her half-humble, half-fearing voice.

Indescribably shocked, I rushed from the chamber of death, and sought relief in the long gloomy corridor.

The whole scene was indescribably romantic and picturesque, and worthy of delineation by a more experienced pencil than mine.

The roads were so indescribably bad at this time that the army could make but little progress.

Preaching “with the Holy Ghost sent down from Heaven” is indescribably searching in its effects.