Indestructible [adjective]

Definition of Indestructible:

lasting, unable to be destroyed

Opposite/Antonyms of Indestructible:

Sentence/Example of Indestructible:

Ombraz has a few models, all of which feature the same technology and are billed as nearly indestructible and prime for adventures like paddling, biking, and climbing.

At this point in the Zoom interview, Pascal even got animated, moving his wrists in the same manner Gadot did when she was deflecting bullets from the enemy with her indestructible Amazonian bracelets.

That said, we’re going into yet another abnormal campaign — without a bubble this time — and the Lakers will be led by a 36-year-old, albeit one who’s developed a reputation for being nearly indestructible.

Touted to be “virtually indestructible,” the Mace Bell is available in five-, seven-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-pound increments.

But he loved now something in her place beyond the possibility of loss—an indestructible ideal.

Quartz consists of pure silica, and when in large masses is one of the most indestructible rocks.

The gold cannot be decomposed: let a test be added, and the indestructible ore will re-appear.

The pictures thus hermetically sealed are indestructible so long as the glass is not fractured.

But, none the less, his argument is indestructible against the theory that makes race the chief base of nationality.

Love and memory are two great indestructible attributes of the human soul.