Indeterminable [adjective]

Definition of Indeterminable:

ambiguous, vague

Synonyms of Indeterminable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indeterminable:

Sentence/Example of Indeterminable:

The vibration swelled to a roar, but the seat of the sound amid the echoing cliffs was indeterminable.

If the cost is simply indeterminable, why bother about any further refutation of the principle at all?

Pantheism lends itself to this notion of an indeterminate and indeterminable disanthropomorphized divinity.

The precise limits of his individuality are indeterminable, and inquiry into them would be unprofitable.

Many of the species are very variable in their characters, and are often indeterminable upon imperfect specimens.

The Unspeakable Perk turned and regarded him fixedly; but, owing to the goggles, the expression was indeterminable.

Only according to him this object that underlies all our thoughts is absolutely indeterminable by us.

Such an association would be more voluntary, more indeterminable, than the one called forth by our technique.

The 6th and possible 7th columns of the lower part are indeterminable.

Their emotions are mostly expressed by indeterminable, leery grins.