Indicated [adjective]

Definition of Indicated:

pointed out

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Sentence/Example of Indicated:

The Danish study does not make clear how well people wore the 50 medical-grade masks they were issued but indicates that the participants used more than one a day on average.

State records indicate that the lab was using about 1,300 per day in mid-September.

Multiple reports Tuesday indicated that the Houston Rockets were struggling to generate much of a market for disgruntled guard Russell Westbrook, who has reportedly requested a trade amid talk that James Harden also wants out.

The most recent figures indicate that at least one-third of those taken into custody each month are repeat offenders.

Arrows indicate the direction of travel, and fellow visitors can be spotted from a distance and safely avoided.

Daly indicated some NHL teams prefer to go that route over hubs.

Court records indicate Arrudasouza in January was charged with three counts of battery.

Both sides indicate that a finalized deal could be imminent.

The proposed agreement indicates that the state determined she was not qualified for the higher-paying position she asked Stevens about in June.

The fear was that missing the deadline indicated Bernhardt was up to something.