Indicates [verb]

Definition of Indicates:

signify, display

Synonyms of Indicates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indicates:

Sentence/Example of Indicates:

Other factors being equal, the amount of urea indicates the activity of metabolism.

The slightest yellowish-brown discoloration indicates the presence of lead.

He will find that “Ice” is a concrete word, and “Slippery” indicates a quality of “Ice” and of other things.

The word now merely indicates or points out the mountains so called.

A marked increase indicates some pathologic condition at the site of their origin.

This is an expression which indicates the amount of hemoglobin in each red corpuscle compared with the normal amount.

A well-marked leukocytosis usually indicates good resistance.

Except in this disease, the degeneration indicates a serious blood condition.

A low color-index probably indicates a mild type of the disease.

Absence or marked diminution, therefore, indicates organic disease of the stomach.