Indications [noun]

Definition of Indications:

evidence, clue

Synonyms of Indications:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indications:

Sentence/Example of Indications:

There are four general forms of emphasis which serve as indications of the characteristics of expression.

Its vitals were going—were gone, before the smallest indications of mischief appeared upon the surface.

Indications of asbestos are found at most points throughout the whole serpentine formation.

She was delighted with these indications of gratitude and sensibility on the part of the unenlightened and lowly peasantry.

These indications are derived from the study of the lines in the light which the spectrum reveals to us when critically examined.

The plants may be cut either in the morning (after the dew is off) or just at night, providing there are no indications of frost.

In the human embryo, indeed, we find ourselves in the midst of highly significant indications of man's origin.

We possess abundant indications of his upward climb, we find none of a preceding descent.

These are almost the sole indications of the existence of any Christian element in that gay, luxurious city.

He very readily wrote the cheque for the sum required, and praised his son liberally for these indications of effort.