Indicator [noun]

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A person’s biological age is a way of assessing how rapidly a person is aging based on a number of indicators.

Asia is a good indicator, it’s coming out a bit faster than Europe, those trends are stimulating the market.

The proposed legislation would extend the weekly $600 unemployment benefits for those who qualify “for the duration of the recession by tying continued enhanced unemployment insurance to the health crisis and economic indicators.”

Without those indicators of myocarditis, it’s hard to say if the heart had this condition, she says.

This includes adding any new individual race polling, changes in the national environment and special election environment variables, quarterly and 48-hour FEC reports, new economic indicators, primary election outcomes and candidate status changes.

Of course, results that can be tied directly to the pandemic ought not be viewed as indicators of broader, ongoing trends.

Pressure is the greatest indicator that what you’re about to do next is worth the fight, worth giving your all, worth going for it big.

Local campaigns, Google’s automated campaign type for local businesses, can now optimize for store visits indicators such as clicks on directions or calls.

Fertility benefits provider Carrot Fertility has closed a $24 million Series B round of funding—a broader industry indicator that the once-fringe sector is increasingly becoming part of mainstream health care.

That economic indicator hasn’t held up during the current pandemic-induced recession.