Indicators [noun]

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The boiler-room telegraphs, stoking indicators, rudder indicators, clocks and thermostats were also electrical.

An extended table of the sensitiveness of many indicators, on which the above tables are based, is given by Salm, Z. phys.

He was surrounded in his oak-furnished office by soft couches, easy chairs, works of art, burnished indicators and dials.

Trivialities are often the first indicators of something which takes its roots unseen in the profoundest depths.

After this Barry concentrated on the faces of the clock, the height and the speed indicators.

The indicators on the wall showed increased revolution, and he resumed his place at the peep-hole.

Planktonic forms, in fact, proved to be the most sensitive indicators of the presence of radioactivity in the marine environment.

East Wind now takes charge of the wind box and the four indicators which are placed in the wind box face up with East Wind on top.

It contains the controls and indicators necessary for operation and maintenance of the machine.

These indicators are primarily for use when the machine has stopped or when the machine is being operated one step at a time.