Indicia [noun]

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They form the indicia to a people's mission, and are our best guides to God's purpose in creating us.

He next tried to bring forward what might be called a number of indicia supporting his view.

Averages may be indicia of causation, but they are not themselves causes.

The same is true of Kemmerer's indicia of "growth of business."

The indicia of trade cover up speculation and the other things that go on in New York, and other financial centers.

Their indicia of variation for "trade," though failing to meet the problems for which they were designed, as shown in chs.

Kemmerer's main figures are merely indicia of variation, rather than absolute magnitudes, for trade.

These three indicia, weighted in a manner to be described in a moment, are then averaged.

In the latter country the beds are so situated that they present the same indicia, of age as do those of the Somme Valley.