Indignities [noun]

Definition of Indignities:

embarrassment, humiliation

Synonyms of Indignities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indignities:

Sentence/Example of Indignities:

They narrowly avoided having their woes in their trying 2020 season amplified with that indignity.

This rascal was owed a debt for the indignity he had offered the sahib in the village, and now he was paid in full.

Even her father's well-known madness for things of art could scarcely atone to his child for this indignity.

Resigned beforehand to all sorts of jests and humiliations, she had not foreseen such an excess of indignity.

Dr Westcott is not the only English Mason who has suffered the undeserved indignity of gross aspersion from this unclean pen.

They at once took him into custody, and brought him back, but without any violence or indignity, to the patriarch.

The Patriarchs body was treated with the grossest indignity—stripped, and flung out into the street.

He refused the perfect obedience demanded, and even treated the French diplomatic agent in Holland with indignity.

The effect of such an indignity was immediate, and brought upon the perpetrators the whole strength of the allied kings.

There is only one floor, for, of course, the King could never risk the frightful indignity of having anyone's feet above his head.