Indirection [noun]

Definition of Indirection:


Opposite/Antonyms of Indirection:

Sentence/Example of Indirection:

True, the landlord could not by any hint or indirection discover from whence his midnight visitor came.

Of course it was done honestly; nobody suspects the Mayor of Boston of double-dealing, of intrigue, or of any indirection!

"It is not impossible that I shall want them myself," responded Bean, unconsciously adopting the Tully indirection.

All direct approaches failing, at last he tried indirection.

He refers to this second wife once by indirection, thus: "The children of Laura are no longer motherless."

Like thumb and index they formed a crescent, a threatening semicircle, reaching forward by indirection.

Certainly this was true of this particular old salt, and it was necessary to approach him by indirection.

She liked to say to Gretchen things that were meant for other ears; there was novelty in the indirection.

She was very shy about telling of her early acquaintance with Whittier, and whatever I could learn was by indirection.

And if you will permit me—I do not impute indirection, of course—but your remark seems to require a footnote.