Indirectness [noun]

Definition of Indirectness:

indirect speech

Synonyms of Indirectness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indirectness:

Sentence/Example of Indirectness:

Miriam benignly gazed—it was the perfection of indirectness.

Peter talked to conceal his feelings, and, like many a man practising that indirectness, rather lost himself in the wood.

The indirectness of speech had been a shelter to her, permitting her to hint at more than she dared clothe in words.

It was the first time that he had confronted the fact of the indirectness of a woman's movement towards her desire.

The explanation, with the usual indirectness of a Griswold, was sugared with a compliment.

Such questions leave the pupil puzzled, and usually lead to indirectness or guessing in the answer.

Indeed they reminded me in indirectness of a reply that a Shropshire gentleman assured me he once received from a villager.

One is inseparable from the subtlety and difficulty of the thought or the compression and pregnant indirectness of the phrase.

"It certainly contains some interesting information," said our hero, with a Quaker-like indirectness of reply.

Anything was better than this constant indirectness of gaining his father's views through his mother.