Indisputable [adjective]

Definition of Indisputable:

beyond doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Indisputable:

Sentence/Example of Indisputable:

However, if more countries, including the US, see the same pattern as the UK, the case for easier spread will look indisputable.

When it comes to the internet browser, Google Chrome, with its extensive list of extensions is the indisputable chart-topper.

The observance, under various phases, is described in Scripture as an undisputed and indisputable reality.

In rejecting the bill, the Lords had only exercised their indisputable right.

Now we are in possession of this same kind of indisputable evidence concerning the great facts of the New Testament.

It fulfils the requirements of both metre and sense, and the words untalk'd of and unseen make it nearly indisputable.

It was simple and fine and indisputable, this work of throwing the clear shadow of the Cross upon the muddy sunlight of the world.

The feelings of all the Caffre tribes were utterly hostile, and peace was only attainable by the exercise of indisputable force.

It is certain this variety gives indisputable evidence of remote and continued subjugation.

Your Committee assume as indisputable propositions, that the utility of the Society is in direct proportion to its respectability.