Indisputably [adverb]

Definition of Indisputably:

word for word; exactly

Synonyms of Indisputably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indisputably:

Sentence/Example of Indisputably:

Bristow had never seen an emotion mirrored so clearly, so indisputably, in anybody's eyes.

But he was insane,” I persisted, “clearly and indisputably ptig nupy uggydug!

He was indisputably right in condemning a system under which the island was 'governed neither as a country conquered nor free.'

What is more certain than deduction when the principles from which it reasons are indisputably established?

Indisputably it was time to lay aside modesty and make rude fellows feel the dignity of his noble art of self-defense.

That or something equivalent, indisputably was; Saldern and "a Peasant," the account of it in all the Books.

He was indisputably the greatest general of his age, and the bravest soldier in the army which he had formed.

They are both indisputably by Defoe, and contain, as your correspondent observes, many anticipations of modern improvements.

These number 17, and of them 16 are indisputably Gentiles, while only one—Trotsky—is of Jewish birth.

Moreover, the fundamental principle of effective governmental regulation had been indisputably affirmed in 1906.