Indissoluble [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Indissoluble:

Why is a cankered tie indissoluble, notwithstanding the great maxim adopted by the code, Quicquid ligatur dissolubile est?

The days thus spent passed delightfully to these three persons united by sacred indissoluble ties.

I am bound to it by indissoluble ties of affection and duty, and I shall cheerfully partake in its fortunes and its fate.

This road constitutes we trust, an indissoluble chain of Union, connecting forever as one, the East and the West.

A tie unites us, my darling, stronger and more indissoluble than all earthly ties—the tie of love.

In theory, the union of the States under the Constitution is indissoluble.

It is simply a statement that the Union of the States, under the Constitution, is indissoluble.

A special feature of all this system is the indissoluble unity of what is supposed to be separated in consciousness.

Under every species of disparity, goodness of heart supplies both a medium of attraction, and an indissoluble bond of union.

Our eager hand unrolls those perfumed bandages, those frail and indissoluble shrouds at which destruction stopt short.