Indited [verb]

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He could converse with any number of persons, and indite a letter at the same time, without being in any wise confused.

Dear Sir,—I am with much pleasure to indite you about your name that has come to my hand with great joy.

Les derniers jours de la grande arme; ou, Souvenirs, documents, et correspondance indite de Napolon en 1814 et 1815.

The minor that wrote sonnets has only to come of age, and feel that he can indite a check, to be cured of his love fever.

It is not the climate I am inveighing against; it is the Gothic, diabolical ideas of the people I indite.

So I kissed his hand, and lay quiet, while he proceeded to indite a note to Biddy, with my love in it.

While your excellency takes care of him, and of the fiddler's arrest, I will go and indite the aforesaid letter.

One of our best little playmates leans over my elbow as I indite these few lines—little Katie.

I have set before thee, for thyself Feed now: the matter I indite, henceforth Demands entire my thought.

If I had the poetic vein, I would indite a pendant to Byron's iambics to that enlightened bibliopole.