Individualism [noun]

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To exchange a bit of our rugged individualism for curiosity about people who look different from us.

The personal cost was too high to stay home or sacrifice rugged individualism for an anonymizing face covering.

America was founded on certain myths and beliefs relating to freedom, individualism and righteous rebellion.

The eponymous leader of the Arkestra was a self-proclaimed celestial being who was one of the most visionary jazz musicians of the 20th century, championing individualism and expression over precision and perfection.

In countries where collectivism is more highly valued than individualism – in places as diverse as Italy, Japan and Mexico – parents mostly prefer to have their emerging adults stay home until marriage.

Undoubtedly his existence is a product of the system, a pathological product, a kind of elephantiasis of individualism.

The narrow individualism of the nineteenth century refused to recognize the social duty of supporting somebody else's grandmother.

Was there ever to be in human life more than that endless struggling individualism?

Under the new conditions Individualism will be far freer, far finer, and far more intensified than it is now.

The question is whether it would be for the good of Individualism p. 16that such an advantage should be taken away.