Individualist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Individualist:

The average citizen of three generations ago was probably not aware that he was an extreme individualist.

The individualist virtue of 'self-help' was not confined to successful money-making or to the wealthier classes.

The individualist position naturally tends to take the form of egoism.

The Utopia was constructed on 'individualist' principles, because common sense naturally approves individualism.

Eleutheromaniac signs occurred early, however, leading him to attach himself to the individualist Bradlaugh.

Sewall, being a strong individualist, was more than dubious concerning the practicality of the coperative round-up.

"Ah, yes, I know you are an unalterable individualist," she sighed.

Maeterlinck may not be classed unreservedly as a radical individualist.

Theodore was a determined individualist and warm supporter of Chairo's.

He was a man of an outgrown school—a consistent individualist, not only in business, but in politics and religion as well.