Individualities [noun]

Definition of Individualities:


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Sentence/Example of Individualities:

Eventually, Triller wants to monetize the individuality of its talent just like a record label’s artist and repertoire execs do.

Nevertheless, in 2020, scientists made important progress in understanding this balance between interdependence and individuality in biology.

Osho laid a strong emphasis on individuality — the OZYMA instructors each wear a blue T-shirt that reads, “Remove Mask, Be Original.”

Acknowledging the biology that influences our individuality may then empower us to better pool our strengths and harness our collective cognitive capacity to shape the world for the better.

A second is that individuality can be nested — one individual can exist inside another.

She is skilful in seizing salient characteristics, and her chief aim is to preserve the individuality of her sitters and models.

Men and women alike seemed attracted by him, for his individuality was on a par with his looks.

The moment he passed out of her sight some phase of individuality promptly lit its torch.

Of the parts the young assistant of Nicolas Amati was allowed to put his individuality to, conspicuously stands the scroll.

The faces of a flock of sheep are to a stranger all alike; to the shepherd, each has its personal individuality.