Individualizing [verb]

Definition of Individualizing:


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Sentence/Example of Individualizing:

The more extreme technical practitioners may so over-individualize this collective art as to make it almost unendurable.

Here design to individualize the living-room comes into play, and is most conspicuous for good or for evil effect.

Of course skill was needed to individualize the symbol, but that is what caricaturists propose to themselves.

For the first and foremost effect of the tropics is to individualize things.

The only sure rule is to individualize the cases and make an exact diagnosis.

Somehow we should be able to individualize these voices and to give them an artistic expression in some kind of human composition.

How can I find anything to individualize this day from others, the same mechanical duties, the same lazy nothing to do.

From Owen's communism, Warren ran to the opposite extreme, and thought it impossible to individualize things too much.

The more we can individualize and personify, the more lively our sympathy.

Although in time Japan may completely individualize her social order, it will never be identical with that of the West.